Technical Standards – Arequipa

Perú IX (PIT Peru sac) – Arequipa is the neutral Internet Exchange in southern Peru. We operate in layer 2 with Spine & Leaf architecture.

Optical Module Specifications

We prefer interfaces with duplex single-mode fiber (SMF), although if necessary we can use multimode fiber (MMF) subject to evaluation.

EstandarDistancia Máxima
1000Base-LX10 km
10GBase-LR10 km
10GBase-ER40 km

MAC Layer Specifications

We follow good practice for an IX in order to offer a stable and secure service

The packets sent by the ports connected to the Perú IX (PIT Peru sac) ( must have one of the following types of ethertypes:

  • 0x0800 – IPv4
  • 0x0806 – ARP
  • 0x86dd – IPv6

One MAC per Port policy, all packets coming through a port must have the same source MAC address.

Only send unicast packets to the interface connected to the IX. Do not send multicast or broadcast packets, as they will be discarded.

Connection port can be configured in LAG mode (LACP) if requested for future expansion

Gateway configuration, disable STP, disable discovery protocols on port

Some various topics that are good to know

  • If you are going to redistribute routes to a third party, make sure not to announce the prefix, since it is a prefix that should only be known via the door physically connected to the Perú IX (PIT Peru sac).