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Learn how to use bgp and ipv6

Is your ISP already using BGP, or you still living in the past?

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Connect to Perú IX (PIT Peru sac)

and grow your ISP 10 times!

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Much more capacity + Lower Latency = Better internet
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"Perú IX (PIT Peru sac), the neutral Internet Exchange in Perú"

Creative Agency

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Connect to Perú IX (PIT Peru sac) and improve your connectivity to Peruvian Users!

Perú IX (PIT Peru sac) offers you:

  • Higher capacity, up to 100 Gbps
  • ULTRA low latency, 1 ms
  • Greater stability and redundancy
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Improving Internet infrastructure in Peru!

Developing a Better Internet for All

  • We help ISPs to professionalize their business
  • We help build a faster, more stable, redundant, and accessible Internet for everyone in Peru
  • We help strengthen the country's digital infrastructure thanks to new local Root Servers, public and open DNS, and more
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Promoting the Peering Culture

We promote BGP and IPv6 adoption, we advise and help local ISPs to adopt new technologies.

  • Learn what is BGP
  • Learn why should I use BGP and have my own ASN
  • Learn how to get your own ASN and IP Prefixes with LACNIC

Benefits of Connecting
to Perú IX (PIT Peru sac)

  • Higher speed, up to 100 Gbps and lower latency, 1 ms
  • Up to 70% cost savings compared to IP transit or Dedicated Internet
  • Ability to grow and offer 1 Gbps connections to your clients
  • Faster, more stable and more reliable DNS (Root Servers, anycast LACTLD, Public Resolvers and more)
  • Support in the implementation and configuration of BGP in your Router
  • Access to a network of telecommunications experts

How to connect?

Perú IX (PIT Peru sac) operates in three Datacenters located in Lima, Peru. We show you all the ways in which you can connect in the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way with us in any of these data centers.

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Find out metrics of the Internet Exchange we operate in Peru.