Improving Internet Infrastructure in Peru

We know how important is the development of critical Internet infrastructure in a country, including Root Servers, DNS ccTLDs (eg: .pe, .br, .ar, etc …), DNS gTLDs (eg: .com and. net), public DNS resolvers, so that all of us in Peru can have a faster, more stable, and neutral Internet.

These critical services are very important for the proper functioning of the Internet in Peru since although they have a moderate consumption of bandwidth, they are very sensitive to latency, and largely determine the speed with which Internet users solve domains and therefore the time it takes to load the Web pages and services.

This is why, as the Internet Exchange of Peru, we want to support the development of this critical Internet infrastructure in the country. And together with various organizations such as LACTLD, Netnod, PCH, Verisign, Quad9, and others we have good news to share with the community.

Projects we have supported

  • Helping to develop the Peering ecosystem in Peru
  • 5 New DNS Root Servers (A, D, E, I, J ) that are added to the current E, F and L Root Servers of the country
  • anycast LACTLD node (all major Latin American DNS ccTLDs, including .pe and neighboring countries)
  • gTLD DNS node (.com, .net, etc ..)
  • First Quad9 DNS node ( in Peru
  • Redundant IPv4 and IPv6 Route Servers
  • Promoting the adoption of BGP and IPv6 in the country

Projects that we are developing to improve critical Internet infrastructure services

  • Soon! Route Collector
  • Soon! NTP Server
  • Soon! Looking glass

We would also like to thank all the Content Providers and ISPs who also do a great job developing the Internet infrastructure so that every day we can connect more people to the Internet in all regions of Peru.